Friday, March 26, 2010


I try to recycle, recraft, and reuse. So, when I'm thinking of a card for someone, I think what that person likes and then I try to make it.

Today, at my gardening group lunchtime meeting, we had a master gardener come talk to us and I wanted to give her a little card to say "Thanks" so I took a picture from my garden and glued it onto some heavy construction paper and folded it into quarters. WAH-LAH gardening card!

So can you think of any ideas like this, ways you can use simple things sitting around your house and put them together to make something meaningful without spending any money?

Please share your ideas in the comments section. Thanks.

(These photos were taken with my phone - sorry for the low quality)


Susan R. Mills said...

I have to do this often, especially when the kids have a project for school. I end up buying supplies for the project and then there are leftovers. I try not to let them go to waste, but that card you made is beautiful. I don't think I've ever been that clever.

adrienne said...

Beautiful card! You must have some garden, too. I like homemade cards as well - sometimes I put together a collage of recycled paper.