Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Techy Tip for Tuesday

Customizing Outlook.

I took a class at work recently that showed us some tricks about how to customize Outlook. So, if you have Outlook as your email and calendar software, I hope this helps.

You can change the look of your calendar.

Change the Day/Week/Month view

1. In the Calendar, click on View, point to Arrange by, point to Current View, and then click customize current view.
2. Click Other Settings.
3. Do any of the following:
To change the day display, change the Time Font, Font, and Time scale.
To display appointment end times, under Week or month, select the Show end time check box.
To display weekends together, select the compress weekend days check box.
To display appointments times as miniature clocks, under Week or Month, select the Show time as clocks check box.


Anita said...

I had no idea about some of this stuff! I'll think about whether the possible changes could help me organize my life better. Thanks!

Kim Kasch said...

You're welcome Anita. You just have to get used to using these tricks and it will save you a bunch of time. :)