Sunday, December 6, 2009

Almost Homemade

I'm trying to make a lot of my gifts this year to help keep down costs and not contribute to the over-consumption and consumerism that has become the holidays.

I had an idea for my boys, since Jacob and Luke both like to sketch, I bought them inexpensive sketch pads and then used some art adhesive (we had sitting around the house) to glue on some of their own art to the sketchbooks.

I think it adds a personal touch and is fun. But you could do the same thing for other people. It wouldn't even have to be homemade art, it could be a photograph or a favorite saying. Just glue photos of favorite holiday meals to a notebook and give it to a cook in your life, add a couple recipes to the inside and you've got a fun, thoughtful present that didn't cost much more than some time.

You could do the same thing for the gardener is your life. Glue some favorite flower photos to a notebook, add some paper for notes and tuck away a couple seed catalogs you can pick up for free (usually) at your local garden store, and you've got another fun gift.

I'm wishing you a Happy, healthy--almost--Homemade Holiday!

It's easy to come up with ideas if you think for a minute or two.

So, if you have an idea, please share it in the comments so others can enjoy the season without breaking the bank.


Bish Denham said...

Nice idea! There are always the old stand-bys: homemade jams and jellies, mason jars filled with hot chocolate, cappuccino, mocha or bean soup mixes. Lastly...fudge!

You can also make aromatice flaxseed heat pillows using a hand or dish towel. Cut it in half (width or lengthwise, depending on the size you want)fold in half and sew along 2 sides and part of the third. Turn right side out. Mix a few drops of a favorite essence (lavender, spearmint, rose, or lemon) into flax seed. Fill the pillow with flaxseed, but not so full that it isn't "flexable." You want the pillow to wrap around your neck or mold to your forehead and face. Sew up the opening. These pillows can be heated in the microwave and are great for soothing headaches or sore muscles. You can leave them unscented and the person getting the pillow can place a drop or two of their favorite oil onto the cloth before heating. Works just at well.

Christina Farley said...

This is something really special. I love the idea! Both of my boys really like to draw so I might have to steal this one and do it too!

Lily Robinson said...

I made a gift for my BF last year, that she swears is her absolute favorite thing! She is an avid theater patron. She had many playbills stuck here and there. I decoupaged a shoe box with small, colorful prints of playbill covers for plays she has seen. It is prominently displayed in her living room now. And all those playbills are organized in their fashionable home.

Kelly said...

Cute idea! I wish I was more crafty to make more homemade stuff! I will make cookies for people though!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

That is a neat idea. I have jam and dryer balls for friends and family.