Friday, December 4, 2009

Earth-Friendly Friday

One thing we can give at the holidays that won't cost a penny is time. Last weekend my husband helped my son make a home-made frame for a piece of art he'd bought at a festival.

Jake wanted something special but custom frames are expensive and he wanted real brass or copper accents, which made the prospect more expensive. So the art sat and waited for Jake to get a little extra money. But it waited...and waited... until my husband offered to help him make the frame from scratch. Together they cut the glass out of a recycled window, wood left over from another project and brass. Then they bent the brass and screwed it all together. It took some time but only cost $4.00.

So, maybe you can't cut wood, bronze or glass, but what talents can you share with those you love? All it takes is time and maybe some creativity to create beautiful things together. It not only creates wonderful gifts, it creates memories that will last a lifetime.

Instead of buying gifts, think about making them or giving the gift of time.


Bish Denham said...

Yep, giving time is the best gift of all. Getting something hand-made is like getting an actual piece of the person who made it.

Lily Robinson said...

Yes, I'd rather have something homemade, or, better yet, time to spend with family and friends.

My favorite gift is all our kids and grandkids in the same room at the same time!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I love homemade things...and I adore my gift from my BFF--a lunch date!

Shelli said...

ok that's a gorgeous "homemade" gift. Mine are usually made of dried macaroni - only crafty people say homemade is better. :)

Kelly said...

Custom frames are awfully expensive...that is awesome! Your boys did an amazing job! The picture looks crazy cool too!