Friday, October 16, 2009

Earth-Friendly Friday - GO GREEN FOR HALLOWEEN

That's not the kind of "green" I'm talking about. And, sure, I know we can all be a little witchy as the weather turns colder and the skies get darker. But, with a little preparation and thought, we can save some money and maybe help the earth at the same time.

At the holidays, it's easy to be wasteful but, I'm thinking, instead of overspending why not spend more time at home (with the kids) doing crafts and baking? Those are the memories that have stayed with my kids - not the toys I bought them - well, except for maybe a few video games that the "kids" have never forgotten: like Legend of Zelda and Mario Brothers. But this weekend my daughter (who is 21) is going to spend some time with mom (me) making popcorn balls. I'll probably do a post about it-including my own recipe. Plus, we love to decorate them with chocolate chip eyes and candy corn noses. It's a lot of fun, cheap entertainment and oh-so yummy. The only bad side effect is the addition to my waistline. But what the heck, life's short - so, I just choose to eat dessert first.

And, I may not end up looking like My Pretty Glenda but I'll sure be a little sweeter.

And, with the holidays just around the corner, I thought I'd start sharing some links to fun cyberspots. So, here you go. Check out these earth-friendly spots.

Here's a great Halloween resource and my first and here's another: Baby's Enchanted Garden.

Hope you have a green weekend!


MG Higgins said...

You're so right, Kim, it's the good times spent with family that I remember most. Have a glorious time making those popcorn balls, and I'm looking forward to the recipe.

Jo said...

Mmmmm popcorn balls! My mom used to make those for us when we were kids too! I had forgotten about them! Thank you so much for reminding me - what a great project to do with Babou for Halloween, she will LOVE it, buttery hands and mess and all!

Bish Denham said...

Looking forward to your recipe for popcorn balls!

Anita said...

The kids are home today (parent/teacher conference time) and we're still in our pjs. I'll Google a popcorn ball recipe and see if we've got what it takes (too lazy for a trip to the grocery store).

Anita said...

Oh! You have a recipe! I get it!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

We've been craftastically busy here this year. Egg carton bats & spiders. Homemade skull pinata. Homemade ghosts & tombstones. But popcorn balls--that sounds yummy.

Rena said...

It doesn't get any better than spending time with family. Looking back, I wish my mom could have spent more time with me. She spent a lot with me, more than my brother and sister, but just not as much as I'd have liked because she worked full-time.

I can't wait to see the popcorn balls! We haven't made those in a long time.