Monday, November 3, 2008

Mr. Bill's Traveling Trivia Show

Saturday night, November 1st, my husband and I - along with some friends - went to Mr. Bill's Traveling Trivia Show in Newport, Oregon.

Bob, Des, Paul, Kathy, Lars and I went to play this team Trivial Pursuit at the Rogue Ale Pub. We played under the team name of Chuck's Brother and the Dweebs (that's there for Bob - who just happens to be Chuck's brother).

It was a lot of fun and I think we were tied for 2nd place - with a couple other teams. Some of the questions were super hard but people managed to get them (all 18 of them) correct - I have no idea how they did it. Jealous of those brainiacs.

And, I'm not saying they were looking up their answers on their Blackberry or anything - but don't think the thought didn't cross my mind. It's just that I don't think it would be fun to Win if I wasn't playing fair.

Remember, I never made any accusations - just saying the idea popped into my own head - but then I'm waaaay too competitive.

Anyway, back to the fun and games.

Mr. Bill asks the questions, three at a time, and each team writes down their answers then turns them in to the scorekeeper. Most teams compete for the fun of it - but like I said, I was playing for the prizes.

We even won one $7.00 off coupon. And some people won t-shirts, hats and other prizes.

I'd never done this Traveling Trivia before but I would definitely do it again - even if I am a DWEEB.


C.R. Evers said...

Sounds like fun! If I ever did that, I'd want to be on my husbands team. He's one of those braniacs with a memory like a steel trap! I get jealous too. But not as bad if he's on my team. :0)


adrienne said...

That sounds like fun - but I am abslutely terrible at trivia. I'm better at word games.
I'm a little suspicious of your opponents, too!

Kim Kasch said...

Yeah Adrienne - I'm still a little suspicious too ;-) Those people need to be playing Jeopardy or something for some BIG bucks.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

congratulations! I think that sounds like a lot of fun.

Kelly said...

That sounds like so much fun. My hubby and I love games like that: Trivial Pursuit, a computer game called You Don't Know Jack and a Wii game called Smarty Pants. We get so competitive too!