Saturday, February 13, 2021

Valentine's Cookies and Homemade Basket

Happy Galentine's Day

Is anyone else baking for Valentine's Day? I love to bake, make and create and I have a neighbor who has been having a rough week, so I thought, "Why not celebrate Galentine's Day too?" 

I pulled out my flour, eggs, butter, baking powder, vanilla, sugar, white chocolate and a little lemon juice and went to work making cookies. But, then I needed to take the cookies over to her house and Portland, Oregon is in the middle of an ice/snow storm so I didn't want to attempt to go to the store to buy a gift bag or some wrapping paper. Instead, I pulled out a sheet of cardstock that was sitting around the house and created my own gift basket. 

DIY Paper Basket

If you'd like to see how I did it, simply click on the link below or go to my YouTube page (Kim Kasch) and search my videos for the latest one. 

Some  Yummy Valentine's Day Cookies

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