Thursday, June 13, 2013

Like a Turtle

We're finally making some progress...or maybe I should say my hubby is. He started this project about a year and a half ago. Maybe some of you remember the beginning.

We had a room upstairs that was all odd angles and corners. And the ceiling was sort of low. Now, my son is 6'5" so it isn't as bad as this looks but it still was only a 7 foot ceiling. So one day my husband started looking around.
And he thought, there's a lot of room up there. So, he tore it out and then he moved on to the walls.

And this was in November. Here in Portland, Oregon, it's cold and WET in November. So, I wasn't so upset until he tore off the roof. Yep, you heard me right, the roof. I came home from work and found the walls gone and even the roof.

Luckily, this happened to be a sunny day - rare in Portland. But I knew the rains were coming. So I insisted that they hurry and get the walls and roof back me demanding.

So my hubby stayed working on it until well after dark.

He didn't take long to get the walls back up and the roof back on, with help from Luke, Bo and Per and Jacob and . . . yep, even me.

But then progress slowed to about the pace of a turtle, thanks in part to Minecraft, which is the adult cyber-version of Legos.  My husband was hooked. He spent more than a few hours mining for gold, rubies and best of all Diamonds.

In between bouts with his pick, he got the French Doors in.

And some new windows installed.
But he got a little sidetracked. First building benches to wrap around the back deck. First he had to design them and then frame them.

Then he had to build them.
And when that was done

He wanted to replace a couple of boards of flooring. But this house is 123 years old. So he had to make his own tongue and groove flooring out of old boards he'd pulled out of the walls.

Finally, with some help from Bo, Per, Jake and Luke, Lars got the insulation in.

Then all the walls got put back together.
Now he's "mudding" and "taping" the room and then...

Hopefully we'll get to paint the walls.

Then there's the balcony to build, the floor to refinish, the trim to put's a neverending story


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

WHAT a project! Seems like you have been enduring that mess for a long time now...

Sherry Ellis said...

Looks like a lot of work to me!

The Happy Whisk said...

I do remember the beginning. I was even in my Halloween costume for that post.

Rena Jones said...

Wow! Good luck. Do you have a date when it might be finished?

Kim Kasch said...

THW: Time flies ;D

Rena: Nope this is seriously a neverending story...but I'll keep y'all posted.