Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fifty Shades of Grey

I read the first two books: Fifty Shades of Grey and Fifty Shades Darker.

I only had to read the first one for my book club but once I got into it, I just kept going. The first page was the hardest part for me to get through. I really didn't like the way the author started out by describing the main character by having her standing in front of a mirror and talking about herself. But...who am I to judge because like I said, when I got past the first page I was okay with the story. I'd never read anything with so much "adult" content...but that didn't bother me, in fact I thought it was interesting...from an educational viewpoint or considering it from a research perspective ;D

Of course, being the Stephen King fan that I am, I was hoping for a little more action--maybe a vampire, werewolf, or zombie to pop out sometime...but--unfortunately--nothing like that happened.

I didn't know much about the books, just what my girlfriends were telling me..."You have to read the book(s)".

But, when my son told me the books were written as fan fiction for the Twilight stories, and once I thought about it, it all began to make sense. Of course Christian Grey is a bit dangerous, overly controlling, charismatic, extremely wealthy and extraordinarily handsome...sound familiar?

Anastasia Steele is a young, inexperienced student...another similarity?

They have an immediate attraction for one another that transcends Christian's unwholesome "hungers".

Christian's mother is a doctor...his younger sister is a vibrant, fun-seeking young woman who he has a special bond with.

It all sounds so familiar...doesn't it?

I thought the first book was better than the second (sort of like Twilight over New Moon) but I'm thinking about reading the third novel...it seems like the action will pick up in that story...at least that's what the ending of the second story leads me to believe. But...I haven't quite made up my mind. It was easy for me to read the first two...I was sitting on airplanes for about two days...and needed something to occupy my mind...besides The Avengers, Prometheus, and J. Edgar . . . but those are a few more blogposts waiting to be written.

Anyone want to comment a little on the third book in the series?


Jen on the Edge said...

There is action in the third book that will have you on the edge of your seat.

That said, even though I freely confess to having read the entire series*, they are terribly written and the storylines are trite. Still, as I think I told you before, they are compelling for reasons I cannot figure out. (And it's not the S-E-X either, I swear.)

* Twice, she whispers, with a sense of shame.

Kelly Polark said...

There is more action in the third book. And by action I mean other action besides in the bedroom! ;)