Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Repurposing an Old Light Fixture

Our old ceiling fan motor finally burnt out. My husband took it down and put up a new light fixture with a fan but I didn't want to just throw the old one into the landfill. Our local "dump" is full enough. So I started thinking, what could we do with that old metal and wood and glass?

The metal and wood I recycled but the glass votives I decided to repurpose. I washed them up and added tea-candles on the inside for a wonderful illuminary for outside.

How 'bout you, have you repurposed anything lately?


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Not anything lately...but this is inspiring!

Extra! Extra! Blog All About It said...

That is great ~ love repurposing items!


Rena said...

Very nice! I can't think of anything I've repurposed lately, other than some lids from liquid laundry soap. I save everything for school and use it for crafts. Right now I have a bunch of packets of Lipton Tea-On-The-Gos in several laundry lids. Weird, I know, but it keeps them handy.