Friday, April 15, 2011

EGGscellent Easter Ideas that are Earth Friendly

(These eggs are colored using only beet juice left over after we ate the pickled beets.)

I decorate for every season - no matter if the kids are grown up or not. I love to see the ornaments, garland and yes eggs hanging around the house. But when I was growing up we didn't have much money for such eggstravagant things. Still Mom found a way for us to have fun and celebrate every occasion. We kids never realized we were so poor because of Mom.

We couldn't just run out and buy PAAS to dye our eggs. But it didn't matter because Mom used whatever she had around the house. It could be food coloring and vinegar but it was just as likely to be Beet Juice or Frozen Blueberry liquid. She'd even use coffee or tea to color our eggs. And, Mom had us write on the eggs with crayons before we dyed them to decorate them with our own creative ideas.

First we'd boil the eggs - preferably in a glass pan - but we'd use whatever we had.
Then we'd soak the eggs in their own special color in their own little dishes.
It's best to have the egg fully covered so it gets evenly colored but if your bowl isn't big enough, you just need to turn it every now and then.
And Wah-Lah! eggscellent edible decorations to help you celebrate the season :D

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Marcia said...

It's so neat to get creative with your colored eggs. That pale pink is gorgeous. My grandma dyed eggs a unique red/brown using onion skins.