Monday, April 25, 2011

Cake Challenge

I wanted to get a new cake pan. My husband didn't. He said, "The cake boss carves his cakes, you can do it too."

We disagreed.

I said I'll bake one cake using my new pans and you can carve one. It will be a cake challenge. So here's how I did it my way.

I baked the cake(s), two sides, front and back. Then I trimmed the bottom so it would stand up, and trimmed the excess where the two sides came together.

Then I started icing the cake(s) with simple yellow icing (just 2 pounds of powdered sugar, one cube of butter, and 1/4 cup milk (a little yellow food coloring). Super simple.

I used fondant for the eyes and painted the orange beak with a little orange frosting - just added red food coloring to the left over yellow frosting.

After it was all done, I decorated the platter with Easter Basket grass and eggs.

I think it turned out cute. And, he was a great addition to the Easter table.
And the kids liked cutting off his head and eating him
Here's how my husband did his...he didn't even try. It was a total no-show at the challenge. He wouldn't even compete. Not fair.

Next time maybe he won't argue with me when I want to buy a new pan :)

Next time I'll use decorating cake tips to pipe the frosting feathers. I ran out of time this weekend. And, I think this would be a great graduation cake for my son, Luke. He's a University of Oregon Duck! Go DUCKS!!!


Adrienne said...

How cute! I think a duck cake would be perfect for plenty of occasions.

I'm a little disappointed we didn't get to see an entry from your husband...

Kim Kasch said...

Adrienne: Me too. I wanted to be like the duck - but laugh my head off ;)

Rena said...

LOL @ him not even trying. How funny is that. And your cake turned out adorable!

suchi said...

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