Monday, June 28, 2010


It was a disaster. And, a food final FAIL. Well. . .almost. I actually passed the class but only by an inch.

One night my frosting was too thin then the next night my frosting was so thick my piping bags burst from the pressure. You can tell by looking at my day lilies: I worked all week and then went to cake class . . . tired. And of course my frosting had to be a total fail that week - with Friday as my final.

Okay, I know, a food final is no big deal in the scheme of life but when you've spent a boatload of time preparing frosting and flowers, it's hard to have things flop. But that's the way the cookie-Um, I mean, cake, crumbles.

Well, I muddled through as best I could and on Friday I finished my cake. It wasn't how I'd envisioned it but it was fun and oh well, it was the best I could do. I guess I'm going to have to accept the fact that I'll never be a match for Duff or the Cake Boss.

My teacher said my cake looked like an explosion - of flowers. Not a compliment. Plus she said no one would want to eat those colors. She says, "People prefer pastels."

I told her, "My kids will eat it." And they did - at least some of it.

Plus, here's a preview of what I hope to have on my blog this week: How to Make an Ice Cream Cake. This cake turned out much prettier - at least that's what I think.

Of course, my teacher also said, "No one wants to eat a blue cake."

I'm such a rebel ;)

And, Mackenzie came to the rescue with her ice cream skills. Mackenzie used to work for Baskin Robbins. So she got paid to learn how to make cakes - while I paid to learn how to make cakes. Shows you who's smarter.

So, if you're interested in learning how to make a cake for a hot day that will surely satisfy the senses, come back and watch my vlog (video-blog) with Mackenzie doing the ice cream culinary-licious work - later this week. I ran out of time to upload it to Youtube. But here's a small taste of what's to come:


David Batista said...

Both cakes look DELICIOSO!!! But that blue ice-cream cake looks DIVINE!

I would totally eat a blue cake. Why not? Especially if it looks *that* good.

Congrats on passing the class!

Kristi said...

I think being a rebel is a good thing in this arena...I loved those cakes! Of course, I have no baking talent of my own, so I could totally be biased. :-)

Congrats on passing!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I like bright cakes! Who knew people only liked to eat pastels? I think your cake looks like a Hawaiian shirt:)

Des said...

Just shows you that "experts" don't always know. I was in a store bakery just last week and they had a bright and cheerful spring cake that didn't look much different from yours. I commented to my daughter how beautiful it was.

The only reason I wouldn't eat your cake is that it looks too pretty.

Eliza said...

Taking classes formt eh same teacher I know exactly how she looked and her comments, pass is pass. You enjoyed the class ans that is all that matters and your kids ate the cake too

Diane J. said...

Personally, I see nothing wrong with vibrant flowers. Pastel flowers are so blah. If I'm going to eat flowers on a cake, they had better be bright. And I love the blue cake!

Congrats on passing the class and I can't wait to watch the video!

Kelly said...

Both cakes look amazing! Seriously!

Christina Farley said...

You are so cool! I love it! Okay, so I like cooking but I'm really impressed. I can't wait to see how to make ice cream cake. I hope I don't miss it. I'm really impressed you could do any of that. I'm a disaster on making things pretty.

adrienne said...

I love the bright colors! I would dive into either one of those.

Kim Kasch said...

Thanks everyone. My teacher was NOT impressed and, if you saw the other cakes, which I'm not showing, you'd understand. The other cakes were food fantasy fantastic! No kidding.

But I had fun - and that was the point. Plus it was all yummmilicious!

Rena said...

I've seen some very brightly colored flowers on cakes at our local bakery. In fact, we've bought some! I had no idea people prefer pastels. Glad you passed and had fun. The fun part is all that really matters!