Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Comment Challenge

Come on Cyber friends. It's time to join the challenge. Mother Reader has a challenge going on right now. Check it out here. And, then go out and travel the information highway, finding friends in cyberspace.

See you out there in the world wide web-log.



Lisa Nowak said...

I'm finding all kinds of interesting blogs and getting a lot of new traffic to mine through this challenge.

Margo Dill said...

I'm doing this challenge, too, and now I found your blog. I saw your blog listed on mine when you made a comment. It's a vicious circle, in a good way. LOL Have fun, happy reading, and happy blogging! :)


StableGranny said...

Found your blog at the comment challenge. I do word a day at my blog.

Heather Hedin Singh said...

Hi Kim--I'm doing the challenge too. It's been great to find so many new blogs to read. Enjoy!

Melissa Sarno said...

I've enjoyed the challenge so far and found some cool blogs in the process. I was proud of myself when I made the connection between defenestrate and fenetre (in French it means window). Thank you high school French class!

Gayla said...

Thanks you so much for stopping by my blog and saying hello. And yes, it is lots of fun finding new blogging buddies...I love it! I started out slow on this challenge, but now I'm really getting into it. Such a great idea and I hope they do this every year or maybe twice.
Have a wonderful Sunday!

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