Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Fondant Frosting - FAIL

I had visions of something like this: But I failed miserably.

Have you ever attempted something, wanting it to be extra-special and then failed miserably? Well, I have. Guess it's really time to sign up for that cake decorating class I've always wanted to take and never made the time for.

Here's the story: September 7th was my daughter's and my son's birthday. Kara turned 21 and Jake turned 25. So, I wanted to try something new and exciting. I picked fondant frosting. And my cake wasn't professional - I mean I'm a Mom for heavens sake, not a chef. But my cake was definitely worthy of Cake Wreck status.

I spent the evening of September 6th baking and preparing the cakes and the frosting. Then the next morning I got up and started rolling out the frosting to decorate the cake. Unfortunately, the frosting was not easy to work with. I had to grease my hands in Crisco shortening just to keep the marshmallow fondant from sticking to my hands.

I really wanted to make a Superman cake but, as you can see, this was a terrible attempt that didn't get anywhere close to what I had envisioned.
Luckily, I had a backup cake. So, even though it wasn't a Superman cake at least Kara's friend made her a sucker bouquet, which turned out SUPER-cute!

And the funny thing is, the kids didn't even care. They ate their cake - okay they peeled off the fondant frosting - but cake and ice cream can't be all bad...right?

Then they opened their presents. It was a good day even if my frosting was a complete failure. So there's hope for anyone who wants to be adventurous and try fondant frosting. My advice, though, is don't attempt fondant for the first time on a special occasion or you might be in for a disasterous dessert.


Kelly said...

Good for you for trying, Kim! I'm sure they were yummy! At Halloween time, I always try to do something creative with a cake or cupcakes. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Last year I made cupcakes that were supposed to be pumpkins...but everyone thought they looked like breasts!

Shelli said...

a for effort - i would not even have tried! :)

Strange Fiction said...

Marks for bravery and that is sooo how my cakes turn out. I started making black forest birthday cakes so all I had to do was slather whip cream on them.


well good for you for even trying. yesterday we were on fondant overload watching the marathon of CAKE BOSS on TLC love that show

David Batista said...

Aww, you're such an awesome mom, Kim. I hardly think it matters, just that you baked those cakes with heart! :)

Oh, and it seems I share my birthday with two very special people. How cool is that?

Susan B. at warmchocmilk said...

Cute. good effort! I like your site. I became a follower. Come see mine! :)

Amy Tate said...

I would eat it too. It looks yummy and your kids love you for it Miss Kim! By the way, have you seen that show The Cake Boss on TLC? His cakes are amazing. I DON'T do cakes, so I'm amazed all the more.

Jean said...

You ARE the adventurous type, Kim. Not me, I'm play-it-safe-non-spontaneous-Jean.

Happy Birthday to all.


Anita said...

This post is so totally me! Hah! But I'm slowly learning to fork over the $ if I want something to truly look professional. (except for my book)

Kim Kasch said...

David: HAPPY DAY AFTER Birthday!

Kelly: You crack me up - a breastfilled birthday :)

Thanks gals for all the kudos for trying but I'm REALLY going to take a cake class - you can see - it can't hurt.

Anita: No need to pay for things unless it has something to do with food . . . then I'm tempted.

Amy: We used to have cable but haven't had it for about a year so if I have seen it, I haven't seen it lately :(

Lily said...

I'll never learn that lesson... I'm notorious for having dinner guest and deciding to try a new made-up recipe! There have been some laughs.

MG Higgins said...

That's hilarious, Kim. Good attempt!

Rena said...

Awww, you tried, and that stuff isn't easy to work with. I've seen your other crafty food projects, Kim, and I know you're awesome -- just as I know your kids think you're awesome too! :)

Anonymous said...

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