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Saturday, March 23, 2024

INDIAN WELLS - PARABAS OPEN - We finally went to watch the pros (Gauff, Pegula, Fritz and more) play

 Our first Tennis Match to watch was the singles match between USA's Coco Gauff v. French's Lucia Bronzetti. It was a nail-biter with Coco down at one point 2-5. But she rallied to win in the 3rd set tie-break and she looked stunning in her yellow tennis outfit while doing it too. 

We also watched the women's doubles match with Gauff teaming up with Jessica Pegula (the announcer said ...Pa-----GOOLAh). 


We also watched a men's singles match with USA's Taylor Fritz (rated number 5 in the world) where he was spectacular playing against Sebastian Baez of Argentina. Fritz did some fancy drop shots that made the game more exciting, as he handily won the match.

We even met some D3 Tennis players from Colorado, who were here taking in the games and some sun. It was fun chatting with them over lunch. 

We even managed to squeeze in a men's doubles match, which was so fast-paced the ball was a blur. 

After a full day in the sun having loads of fun, I sat out by the pool and worked on my knitting to come down from the tennis-high so I could go to sleep. 

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