Sunday, May 2, 2021

Flosstube Episode 7 - A Short Update of Progress, Plans and the Blackbir...

My sister and I have been trying to do things  we used  to love to do when we were young. One  of those things is cross-stitching. Sew ;D we're working on projects we can do together - even if we're apart. And one of those projects is a Halloween decoration. And, if you've seen any of my blogs around the Fall, you know I love to decorate my yard for the kids. And this cross-stitch project might give you a clue about this  year's plans for decorating my yard. 

I'm also taking part in a cross-stitch SAL (which is a Stitch Along) and I'm hoping the SAL will help me make some progress on my Blackbird Design-Spell of the Moon (which just happens to be another Fall Themed pattern). 

Plus, there's a little bit about a fiber art stop at Jorsted Creek in Olympia. 

Take a peek below at the short clip, if you're interested in crafting, stitching, knitting and more. 

Plus, Happy May!

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