Saturday, March 24, 2018

Easter is Almost Here - Homemade Treats

Easter is just around the corner and it's so easy to decorate on a budget. 

All you need is a silicon mold and some chocolate. I use white chocolate to create Easter Eggs you can eat...even the shell. All you need to do is melt your chocolate and pour it into the molds. Then I put the molds into the refrigerator and let the chocolate  harden. Super simple and

Another thing you can do is make Easter baskets...with cupcakes.

This is another super simple way to make a fun party food and create a fantastic eye-candy at the same time. All you need is regular cupcake papers and pipe cleaners. I mix shredded coconut into the frosting to create my grass for my "Easter baskets" then I top the baskets with jelly beans. Really cute and  very tasty too.

Another fun thing to do is to take plastic Easter Eggs and stuff them into little yarn chickens. I  think these little chicks are so fun.


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