Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Submission Block

I once wrote an article for Writer's Journal called Submission Block because I knew a gal who had written over twelve complete manuscripts, meaning she'd written them, revised them, been critiqued on them and then re-revised them, and she'd never submitted one.

But, if you don't submit, you'll never get published...

And today I was reading an Awesome blog post about the same thing...sort of. It talks about how we, writers, sometimes end up counting the wrong things--like rejections. Instead, I think we need to think of those rejections as proof that we putting our words out there. We're taking the chance, a leap of faith that someone out there will understand us. And that is success within itself. We are living the dream or daring to "just do it" whether or not anyone ever puts our words to press, we have done all that we can do to make the dream a reality. And, what more can a person (or writer) do?

One of my favorite sayings is "I'd rather fail at doing something, than succeed at doing nothing."

And if you want to read writerly words of encouragement, hop over to Operation Awesome...because it will definitely make you feel inspired.  And, remember to count your submissions - not your rejections.

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