Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Poseidon's Arrow by Clive Cussler

This was our book club choice for the month of January.

Clive is my husband's favorite author and I have never read one of his books until now. I really didn't expect to like it at all because I don't like action/adventure movies or books but this was more fun than I thought it would be.

It was a quick page turner and I had no problem getting through it.

Although I do think Dirk Pitt is totally unbelievable. I mean he's like a Navy Seal on Super-Steroids. No one could do all the things he did, including fighting a bull. I mean, I think being a matador might take a little training rather than simply hoping into the ring and waving a red cape around. But never mind all that, it was an exciting story. And I did like the fact that Dirk included his kids in the story. Of course they were Super Seals too but what the heck. How else can you save the world and a super-stealth submarine at the same time?

Anyway, this was a new genre for me and now I'll know what my husband is talking about when he talks about Summer and Al and Dirk, Jr.

So all in all, if you're an action/adventure kind of person and if you enjoy James Bond, I think you'd love Poseidon's Arrow.


Roz said...

I love action/adventure but have never read him. I'll have to change that and give it a read. Thanks for the review.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Doug has some of his books, but I've never read any. Maybe I'll snag one on tape for our next long drive...

Jen on the Edge said...

I'd suggest going back to the beginning and reading Dirk Pitt in the early days. Trust me on this one.

Also, Cussler has spin-off series of books too. The best, in my opinion, is the Oregon Files. But you really need to read the first one so that the others make more sense.