Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Chinese Garden in Portland

Right in the center of the city tucked between the towering skyscrapers, if you look, you will find a tranquil courtyard modeled after a 16th century private home and garden of a wealthy family. The garden is meant to be a spiritual utopia. And walking into the courtyard was like walking into a serene setting. It was peaceful and soothing even on a cold rainy Portland day.

Every doorway and window is meant to form views within views and they were beautiful.

The walkways were formed from individual stones brought all the way from China.
It almost felt bad to be walking on such beautiful artwork.
The ponds were stocked with fish and as the water splashed from up above it sounded like musical notes playing for the fish and visitors.
After strolling through the garden, we went to the tea house and had a wonderful hot cup of tea.
I had the cranberry orange to celebrate the season of Thanksgiving.
It was a wonderful way to spend a cold Pacific Northwest Day.


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Beautiful place! There's a similar place in Como Park in the Twin Cities--they do a traditional tea service there which is very difficult to get into.

The Happy Whisk said...

I love cranberry orange. Was just talking about cranberry orange muffins with another blogger the other day.

So yum.

Great pictures, too.

Kim Kasch said...

GG: I've only been to the Twin Cities a couple times and really only passing through. Maybe one day...

THW: I love cranberry orange too, in scones, tea, and well just about anything ;D