Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Names and What they Mean

Sophia: Greek for "wisdom"

Jacob: Hebrew for "one who replaces"

Mason: English for "stoneworker"

Isabella: Variation of "Elizabeth"

William: Old German for “desire” and “helmet"

Emma: Variation of "Erma"

Jayden: Popular creation of the past 30 years, possibly related to Hebrew for "thankful"

Amelia: Old Germanic for "industrious"

Harry: Medieval English form of "Harold" or "Henry"

Oliver: Old Germanic name for kings

Olivia: Related to both a type of tree and a Germanic word for kings

Lily: Latin for a flower and "purity"

Jack: Form of "Jacob" or "John"

Jessica: Hebrew for "behold"

Alfie: Related to Old English for "elf" and "counsel"

Ava: Form of "Eve," Hebrew "to live"

Charlie: Germanic for "man"

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