Friday, April 27, 2012 Fish

Pacific Northwest Steelhead Trout is yummilicious. The one thing you never want to do with fish, is overcook it. And it's EZ to do. Fish only needs about 3-5 minutes on each side to cook all the way through.

This trout is crusted in a light batter of breadcrumbs and cooked in a little butter. Fry it skin face down first so that the fish can get cooked through before you flip it over to give it a nice crust.

I usually use an egg to get the breadcrumbs to stick to the fish. But...this time, this fish was just lightly drizzled with breadcrumbs as it fried in the pan. So it is a very light breading.

Then serve it with a little fruit, some lemon and some sort of carbohydrate: we used a few rustic chips to get the carbs in there. The only thing that might have made this dinner more delectable would have been a white sauce :) But this was supposed to be a healthy dinner.


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...


David Batista said...

Yes, that does sound and look very tasty! I might have to try this recipe, although we don't have access to ths same type of fish here. Or maybe we do, I'll have to check. Still . . . way to go on the healthy eating!

Kim Kasch said...

DB: We try but it's hard 'cuz I love to bake and I love to eat :(

It was yummilicious.