Friday, February 3, 2012

Sew Simple Valentine's Day

It's less than two weeks away so we'd better get busy if we want to create any homemade gifts.

Here's one we all can make and even the kids can do it with us.

Take some felt and cut a simple strip.

Then take some red yarn and a needle with a large eye.

Simply thread the yarn back and forth through the felt.

Use whatever heart shape you have around the house, to cut out a red felt heart (I used a keyring) then glue or sew a red heart piece of felt on the white "bookmark"

WAH-LAH! A homemade gift from the heart ;)


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

And quite cute, too.

Christina Farley said...

These are really cute. I love how classic they look too.

Chris Sluck said...

And quite cute, too.

Dixon said...

And quite cute, too.