Thursday, November 10, 2011

Midnight Seduction

I usually read horror. My favorite writer is Stephen King. I also like Koontz, Saul and of course Poe. So when I won an Ebook called Midnight Seduction, I knew it probably wouldn't be my typical type of read. And, when I opened the book on my kindle, I laughed out loud because the cover was so...seductive. I thought, "Maybe this isn't my typical type of book but with covers like this, it just might become my favorite new genre."

So, I opened the story and started to read. odd coincidence...the characters' names are Jakob and Kara. Now, Jacob might be a normal enough name - in fact, it's my oldest son's name. But, Kara...I thought I made that name up when I named my daughter. Okay, I realized I wasn't the first to name a kid Kara. But, my husband had wanted to name her Sarah and I took my initial from "K"im and changed Sarah to Kara.

Anyway, I've only read 3% (because the house remodel has been taking a lot of my time) but I've been hit by a few strange coincidences the characters having my kids' names. Next, Jakob is a shifter, so this isn't just a romance might even be considered a thriller or a horror, I'll know more when I read a bit more. But isn't that odd? It has elements of my favorite genre in it and it has my kids' names in it. It seems like it was destiny for me to win this Ebook and, I'll let you know more, when I've read a little bit more.

How 'bout you, have you ever read a book that made you think...hum...a lot of coincidences here?

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David Batista said...

I've never had that happen, but that is indeed a very interesting coincidence!

I read a lot of Stephen King in high school, and even started his Dark Tower series while I was on my honeymoon. As for John Saul . . . I read so many of his books back in the day. Those were good times! Although, I started to tire of him once I realized his novels followed almost the same exact template each time. Troubled teens, suspiciously helpful doctors, lab horrors set loose on the town . . . He was like the precursor to James Patterson! :)