Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Spoonful of Reading

Want to make a bookmark for a going-away gift??? Here's how I did it.

Once again, Mackenzie is heading for France, and I wanted to give her something to say "Have a nice trip". And, since I love reading, what did I think of? Yep, a bookmark. Plus, I figured she'll have plenty of time to read on the planes and trains or any time she's traveling. So, I took some ribbon in her favorite color: PINK!

And, stuffed it with lavender - so she can smell the wonderful aroma whenever she's reading.

Plus, I tied a spoon with Lady Liberty on one side and a "France" spoon on the other.

So now she'll always have something to eat with, especially while she's reading...

I know, it's no wonder I'm so chubby, but reading and eating are two of my favorite past times. And I hope Mackenzie will enjoy a few of my favorite things too.

Have a FUNtastic trip Mackenzie!!!


Elliot Grace said...

...eating and reading, sounds quite familiar to me as well ;)

Neat gift idea,


alicia said...

A creative, thoughtful gift. Happy WW!

Green Mama said...

How thoughtful. What a nice creative gift! Thanks for visiting me as well.