Thursday, February 24, 2011

Dieting is a Lot Like Writing

Okay, so I think everything is a lot like writing. Maybe because I write and I diet – I can see the correlations.

But, we all just want to be loved. . .for who we are, how we look and what we write—right?

Well, maybe not all of us, but I sure do. I hate rejection. Who doesn’t? But I can’t let a little ego-deflation limit what I do. I just have to work harder…on my story and my fitness level.

I don’t want my body to be out of shape and I don’t want my story to be flabby either. That’s the reason I’m taking a lot of time to write and work out. So it’s hard when someone rejects me…for how I look or how my story sounds.

Maybe the problem is I’m too boring. Not enough conflict or adventure in my life…I mean manuscript. And maybe I’m still out of shape, too many pages and too many pounds. That’s why I’m trying to take off the excess. Reading through my story one more time and hitting the delete button on extraneous words (“like”, “really”, and “said”), believe me there are lots of those tricky little buggers in my babies. And that’s why I’m working toward that half-marathon like there’s no tomorrow and writing every night. I’m hoping to increase my cardio and self-critiquing abilities.

I’m sure I’ll still come across some rejection in my life…I mean writing. But, at least if I’m doing everything I can do to be in the best shape possible, maybe my stories will be loved and me too.


David Batista said...

There definitely is a correlation between the two -- at least for me. It's funny that I didn't get serious on the writing track until AFTER I had a bit of a health scare and went on a major lifestyle change of diet and exercise. Once I became super fit and healthy, I figured what else could I direct this "new me" toward. And, voilà! Suddenly I was writing up a storm. :)

I think just by being proactive you make yourself a better writer, Kim. Plus, the positive energy you're generating from accomplishing your goals (e.g., the half marathon) can be spent toward writing a novel. Win-win!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Oooh--I totally see how they're alike. To expand on your metaphor, revision is like exercising daily!

Rena said...

Great comparison!

Rena said...

Great comparison!

Kim Kasch said...

David: I'm glad you're taking your health seriously. One of my kids had a recent scare--I think it scared me most of all.

GG: I LOVE the revision/exercising metaphor.

Rena: It hit me one day after a long run, when I was writing and got up. . . feeling a little sore--all over. :)