Thursday, September 2, 2010

Regift, Reclaim, or Regret...?

Have you ever gotten a gift for someone that they didn't like?

Well...I have, more than once. In fact, too many times to try to keep track of...and why would I want to keep a scorecard of my failures anyway...?

Anyway, I brought home a couple of skirts and a backpack for my daughter--from Paris, thinking she'd love and appreciate them because I thought they were OH-Là-Là

or oh-SO-AWE...dorable.

Not her.

After seeing them sit up in her closet with the tags still on them, I finally said, "If you're not going to use that backpack, I will."

She sorta shrugged like she couldn't care less. So, I've got a new backpack and my daughter has a little more room in her closet. Looks like we both win with this one.


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I'd have carried that if only for the little zipper charm!

Des said...

I find gift-giving very stressful. I obviously want to get something the person will love, I think I did,...but alas it's not often that I do.

Finally, I've resorted to gift baskets from Costco. It seems they always please. Also every Christmas I get my parents the same thing...a gift certificate for tickets to an opera company that they love and might not purchase on their own. They look forward to it every year and I don't have to stress about what to get them.

adrienne said...

That is super cute! I would have had a hard time giving it away in the first place!

Kelly said...

Very cute! And daughters are hard to please...

Anonymous said...

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