Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy April Fool's Day-Duff and Buddy Better Watch Out

But this is NO joke.

I'm a true Wannabe: Cake Boss, Ace of Cakes

Have any of you watched Cake Boss or The Ace of Cakes? I love 'em - but I hate 'em too.

Those guys are a bunch of frauds. They make that cake decorating look so EZ-smeazy that even I thought I could do it. But, if you've followed my blog maybe you might have seen my fondant FAIL. That cake was an absolute disaster. But I'm not a quitter--especially when it comes to food, just look at me and you'll know that's true. So what did I do. . . ?

I signed up for my first-ever cake-decorating class through Joann Fabrics. I know - who would have thought that a fabric store would have cake decorating classes, but they have that and more: knitting, crocheting, sewing--okay you might have expected sewing classes at a fabric store but you get my point.

So for the next four-weeks, I'll be doing my homework, reading my course materials and climbing my way up from that fondant fail floor to a final fondant rematch.

Keep your fingers crossed. I'll keep you posted and we'll see if a little expert guidance--thanks to Joann--can help a wannabe Cake Boss or a new Ace of Cakes...heck, Duff and Buddy better watch out--this might be the start of a beautiful relationship between me and cake decorating.

And with a little luck--or maybe a whole lotta luck--I might just be on my way to becoming the new Queen of Cakes;)

What can I say, my Mom taught me to dream BIG.


David Batista said...

Mmmmmm . . . YUM!!! How I would love to be living in your house while you experiment on your rise up to cake royalty. Hope your family has their gym memberships ready. :)

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Years ago my mom did this and made AMAZING cakes--good luck! I bet you'll do great.

Des said...

Hey Kim, I got my 13 year old daughter a cake decorating kit and classes for Christmas through Michael's. She loved it. It isn't that difficult and now she makes roses like a pro along with leaves, stars, etc. But, we did have to eat a lot of cake!

Kim Kasch said...

David: I'd better start doing more exercise - that's true.

GG: I hope at least one turns out the way I imagine. Problem is, I have a wild imagination ;)

Des: My waistline can't afford the food but I have the worst time keeping that mouth of mine shut.