Thursday, March 26, 2009



Words can cut
Words can heal
Words can wound
Words can kill

Time is short
Time is fast
Life on Earth
doesn't last

So use them wisely -
words and time
work with them -
not just to rhyme.

THOUGHT FOR THURSDAY: What is a petrologist?

Come back tomorrow to find out


Christina Farley said...

So true. Great poem. THanks for sharing.

Bish Denham said...

Wonderful poem! I have no idea what petrologist is, though I can take a few wild guesses.

1.) a person who studies the remains of fossilized pets...:O
2.) a person who works in the petroleum industry and looks for oil fields.

Stacy Nyikos said...

Is it someone who works with petrol?

Kim Kasch said...

I love it when people come out to play. Thanks gals. And great guesses - BTW.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Where do you get these words?

Kim Kasch said...

GG: My feet are not so good at dancing they are more like goo at dancing but words they dance in my head.

Does that mean I'm hearing voices inside my mind?... you may never know MWAAAA-HAAA-HAAA

Now it's back to reality and away I work

Kelly said...

I love the poem, Kim! I meant to tell you I read a poem of yours on Miss Rumphius too I think last week, the Love/Loathe one. That was good too!

My guess is someone who studies fossil fuels?

Anonymous said...

Great poem, Kim.

Sorry to hear about the loss of your mom, too.

Ello said...

I love that by the way!

And a petrologist is a petroleum finder right?

Kim Kasch said...

TTWC: Thanks for the words about my Mom, it was about a year ago but it still hurts.

Brenda said...

Great poem! So true and to the point...

Laura said...

True, true, true.

Thank you.

Laura Evans

Sherry said...

Petrologist? Rocks??

I thought since you enjoy poetry that I'd invite you to contribute your list of favorite poems to my survey. Read more about it here:

laurasalas said...

I enjoyed your poem. Time is short/Time is fast--so true!

Kim Kasch said...

Thanks Laurasalas