Friday, January 16, 2009


Okay, this is one blog-post that is packed full of information, environmentally friendly tidbits and (I hope) entertainment.

ANSWER TO THOUGHT FOR THURSDAY: The armadillo (You blogging-buddies are unbelievably smart and - at least - you listen to the question)

When I asked my husband this same question, he said, "the potato bug."

I said, "WHAT?"

He said, "The roly-poly." I said, "Huh?"

"You know," he said, "The sow bug."

I said, "Critical words you must have missed, 'mammal' and 'shell'."

"Oh," he laughed, "Maybe I should listen a little more."

"Maybe," I said.


Some people don't do anything to save the planet, 'cause they think they can't do enough to make a difference.

But, that's not true.

Every little bit helps and we can all make a difference. For example, we like to buy earth-friendly...pencils. The only difference in these pencils and "regular" pencils is that they don't have any yellow paint on them. They are just natural wood. What difference does it make, whether a pencil is natural or yellow? They write the same. So, I'm going nude from now on - I mean my pencils. My family is opting for unpainted or "nude" pencils from here on out.

Here's a little poem honoring my Mom who was


I was GREEN before it was kewl.
I was GREEN in grade school.
Other kids snickered, and called us poor
Cause of hand-me-downs that we wore

With nine kids, grandma, and Mom and Dad
Some would look at us and think, “how sad.”
Only one car, with twelve to ride
We squeezed together to make room inside

But, we played outside until it was dark
Took long walks to the neighborhood park
Ate everything put on our plate
Never complained – thought life was great

Waste not, want not – it would be a sin
I’d never heard of a recycling bin

Mom had a garden in the back
Lunch was packed, in a brown sack
She darned socks and mended shirts
used old tablecloths to sew my skirts

We were the sustainable few
before it was THE thing to do

We were poor as poor could be
But we were just being GREEN – now I see


Adrienne said...

What a nice tribute to your mom. Obviously a very resourceful woman.

I like those "green" pencils, too!

Kelly Polark said...

I looooooooooove your poem, Kim!! I so agree that if everyone does a little bit to go green, it would make a HUGE difference! I'll look for those pencils!

Rena Jones said...

I love the poem, Kim. My grandparents (and Rick's) used to save everything. They saved tin cans, coffee cans, even tin foil from cooking potatoes in. It's amazing how differently you view things when you live through recessions and wars.

And LOL @ the name "nude pencils". I will never look at a pencil the same way again. ;)

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Great poem--and so true of poor folks of the past! They had reuse and reduce down to a science!
I chuckled when I saw what your husband said--roly poly bugs DO look furry like mammals..

Brenda said...

Great poem...I've been purchasing those green pencils for a year or so to give out to the kids at the complex for school every year...I had one little girl ask me if the yellow pencils cost too much cuz' she could give me a dime if I wanted to purchase the "good" pencils for everyone...grin...

Kimbra Kasch said...

Thanks guys.

Brenda: You should've said I like the GREEN pencils not the yellow ;)

And my sister even rinses out her zip-lock baggies and reuses those - sheesh. I can't compete.