Friday, January 9, 2009


ANSWER(S) TO THOUGHT FOR THURSDAY: The fastest animal in the world...depends. In the water, it's the dolphin, in the air, it's the falcon, on land, it's the cheetah. So it depends. But you can read all about these amazing animals here.

Here's My Earth-Friendly Friday Post: My sustainability tip "Bike Bound" made it into the Oregonian, which is my local newspaper. It's the second clip on the right-hand side. So Yipee!!! I'm celebrating this one because it's more than a tiny little clip - it's my own little way of adding a little green(ery) to the world. (I had to cut and paste the article, to get it to fit on one page.) If you click on the article, it will enlarge. Hope you can read it. If not, you can see it here, the Oregonian posted an on-line article about the story - my tip is half way down the page.


David Batista said...

Nice brief mention in the newspaper, Kim! I loved your column. And I can't help but chuckle at Sasha's transparent attempt to keep you home -- aww!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Very cool!
I never knew that about dolphins or falcons, either.

adrienne said...

Nice article! I can't believe your dog ate the seat!
Actually I dog just shredded a chair the other day. Grr.

Kelly said...

Cute clip in the paper! You have just a few more months to get that seat fixed ! :0) I love how your company offers green incentives!

Rena said...

Cool about the article! Loved the pictures of the animals too. :)

Kim Kasch said...

David: Sasha will eat anything, including metal cans - kinda like a goat.

GG: I knew there was a reason I loved dolphins - 'course I thought it cause they were friendly :)

Adrienne: Soooo sorry - I CAN relate.

Kelly: I need to get in shape - ahhh, it's so much work at my age.

Rena: I love animals - should have been a vet - oh, but wait, there's one part of that job I couldn't do.