Sunday, January 11, 2009

A Hot Toddy

I didn’t really drink at all - until my kids became teenagers – I just looked drunk, all the time: stumbling around in a sleep-deprived fog, bloodshot eyes, clothes all disheveled.

I even remember wearing two different shoes to work one morning, when I'd been up all night with one of the kids. That might not seem too horrible - if you're thinking one shoe was just a slightly different shade than the other, like blue and black. But that wasn't the case. This scene was much MUCH worse.

One shoe was a flat and one was a pump.

I hobbled in the door: up-and-down, up-and-down, all the way to my desk. Even that wouldn't be so bad, if I worked behind a counter where no one could see my feet. But, I work in a law office, where we are supposed to look professional.

Maybe it was then that I gave up all my hopes of being a perfect parent. I'm no longer a strict tea-tottaler and that's another word from my Mom.

On a hot summer night, and not all of them, I love a salty margarita. And on a cold winter’s night, I love a Kahlua and Coffee.

But there’s one drink I remember Mom talking about in the winter, when cold and flu season hit. She'd pull out the Brandy and Lemon juice. She said it was her cure for the common cold and I remember her giving us kids a mixture of the liquid - but only a tablespoon full, or so.

It was the Hot Toddy

I always thought Mom made up the name of THE HOT TODDY because my brother's name was Todd and Mom always played games with names, so it wouldn't have been such a stretch.

My name is Kimbra Fay - my little sister's name is Tambra Kay and that's just the beginning.

Did you know today is National Hot Toddy Day?

:) It brought back a lot of nearly forgotten memories for me.


Unknown said...

ROFLO! One flat and one pump! Oh, you WERE up all night! What a great mom! THanks for the sweet comment on my blog. :)

Brenda said...

I have only had one Hot Toddy in my life and I remember sleeping for like 20 hours straight after drinking it...but I felt better when I finally did wake up...grin...

Rena Jones said...

Oh, this sounds good. I've heard of them, but have never had one. Sounds good on a cold day like today. LOL @ the shoes and just looking drunk all the time.

Clementine said...

Kim, you should see where I live. My neighbor brews his own toddy on the 100 acres across from my house! He gives it away every Christmas - Franklin County, Moonshine captial of the world!

cindy said...

you didn't get enough sleep til they were teens? HELP! haha! i enjoy mixed virgins. but alcohol really is an acquired taste, and i'd rather spend my calories on pastries. ha!

Nora MacFarlane said...

One flat and one pump! My only question is, what did your co-workers say??? Too funny!

Kimbra Kasch said...

I still can't believe I did it. I was soooo out of it. It wasn't until I got close to my desk that I realized. I called home and someone ran me another pair of shoes - so at least I didn't have to go through the entire day looking like a complete dork but everyone at work knows that I am :( Oh well, the life of a working Mom is not always a pretty picture.

Cindy: I think I got less sleep when they were teenagers - but cellphones help - so there's a little hope.

Mary Witzl said...

I've never put on different shoes, but that's just because I don't have that many. Different socks, on the other hand, I have done many times over. And I'm talking bright red matched with black-and-white polkadot. And boy, when our kids were toddlers, I might as well have come straight off a 'Night of the Living Dead' set.

I hardly ever drink, but when I do, it's either red wine or a margarita.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

The hot toddy--well, anything hot with lemon in it is bound to feel good going down;) Mmmmm....salty rimmed margaritas on the rocks...oh for summertime!

Jean said...

Some friends & I were remembering our parents giving us hot toddies, too. My dad's mixture was whiskey, lemon juice, & honey. 1 T. which set our little throats & lungs on fire. Then it put us down for a really sound sleep.

And when we awoke 2 days later we were well. You gotta remember there was no such thing as Nyquil in the 1950s.

Grace & Peace,