Sunday, January 4, 2009

All the Girls - My Siberian Husky and Sheba Inu

Sasha is only ten months old and a . . . handful...I meant puppy, honest I did. Kit is 15 and a little old lady. The two (almost) even each other out.

Kit is (shhhh - I don't want to hurt her feelings) a "little" chubby but she's a part of the family and of course she gets too many treats - just like me. But don't call us names . . . and I'm sure, especially with this post, you might be thinking of a few. But be nice.

Sasha is a Siberian Husky - with an eighth of German Shepard. Kit is a Sheba Inu. We got Kit from the Multnomah County Animal Control when she was four months old. Some people call it The Pound and then there is also the Humane Society, which are all great places to get a pet.

But volunteers make mistakes and Kit was labeled as a kitten so the kids wanted to name her Kitten. I compromised with Kit.

Sasha picked her own name and she is a husky so she can talk but that's an entirely different story for another post.


Rena said...

Love the picture! I bet Sasha loved the snow you got. My neighbors have two Malamutes, similiar to the Husky. Such cute dogs and thanks for sharing about them, Kim!

BTW -- can't wait to hear about how Sasha picked out her name!

Kim Kasch said...

Thanks Rena. Sasha went craaaazy for the snow.

I would have loved a Malamute but they are so big and we live in the city :(

Kelly said...

Gorgeous dogs, Kim! I want to know more about the talking dog! :0) How did Kit react when you got a puppy? Since we just lost a dog, we are considering getting a puppy (from a shelter)in a few months, but we also have another older dog..Wondering how she'll react!

Kim Kasch said...

Kit is an old lady and a bit grouchy so she gets exasperated with Sasha.

The way we deal, is we don't allow Sasha into our bedroom. Kit sleeps at the foot of our bed. It is Kit's retreat, when she gets tired of Sasha trying to play with her, she scurries away into our room. It's the one rule I am VERY strict about. So, Kit plays or ignores Sasha until she is bothered and then she retreats to our room for some "quiet" time.

Kim Kasch said...

And Kelly, I'm so sorry about your loss. It's so hard losing a loved one :(

Christina Farley said...

I a husky now! Not that it's going to happen anytime soon, but it's nice to dream. And I just love the name Sasha. Beautiful dogs

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Such beautiful dogs! I've heard that huskies don't settle down for a few years--high energy animals!

Kim Kasch said...

Christina: If you're going to get a husky, do it while you're young and have the energy they require ;)

GG: You are destroying my hopes and dreams. I was thinking two more months, two more months, then she won't be a puppy and everything will be all better. Two more . . . YEARS!!!???? No, tell me it isn't so.