Saturday, November 3, 2012


Who loves Mickey and Minnie? Everyone. But these mice are icons to little kids. And by little I'm talking about 4 and 5 year olds who want to go to Disneyland to have breakfast with the cartoon characters. So we are talking about VERY impressionable little ones here. And I'm saying this is just Crazy! I don't want to see a Skinny Minnie in Barney's window or anywhere, especially at Christmas. I'd like and really want to see a Fit Minnie - Not a Skinny Minnie - or anorexic image for our girls. I'd like to promote a healthy, happy, fit image for little girls. And, yes, I realize she's a mouse and a cartoon character but this is one that has been an icon for decades to our little ones. Let's keep her the way she is or make her FIT not cadaver thin.

Girls have too many unrealistic expectations put on them by the media as it is. Do we really want our little girls growing up with the idea that this is pretty, normal/natural or desired? I don't want girls thinking Thin is In - or that it should be. The message we promote to little girls should be Fit is It! Especially when we're expecting most Americans to be obese by 2030. Let's revolutionize the concept of beauty. We should strive for fitness not anorexia.

Israel did something right when they banned underweight models. Now if we could get everyone else to follow suit. 

Mothers unite, tell Disney we don't want to send this message to our daughters. Skinny Minnie should not be Disney's new image and Barney's shouldn't encourage it either.


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