Monday, November 26, 2012

Movie Review Monday - Life of Pi

Over the Holiday we went to see The Life of Pi as a family.

It was a great holiday movie for the family but over all I would give it a C+ because it was a little slow. I loved the cinematography and the overall story but it felt like I was sitting for a long time.

Still I would say it was a worthwhile show to see.

How 'bout you - have you seen it? Did you enjoy it?


David Batista said...

I didn't see this, nor have any desire to. Way too much Green Screen for me to possibly enjoy it. I find that I cannot stomach the slick "fakeness" of CGI-laden movies anymore. It's too distracting.

I did see Lincoln over the weekend, tho. Also overly long and quite boring in places, but overall I loved it! Such amazing performances by everyone, but especially Daniel Day-Lewis and Tommy Lee Jones. Sally Field should win an Oscar for best supporting actress, even though I know she won't.

Kim Kasch said...

David: I have always loved Sally Field, clear back to her days as the Flying Nun ;D

I enjoy seeing amazing CG - maybe because my boys work with animation.

We thought about seeing Lincoln but after J Edgar I thought it would be way too slow. (Maybe if it was the Vampire Hunter version ;D ) The boys also went to Sky Fall. I don't usually like action.

It was a great holiday. Hope yours was good too.

David Batista said...

Hey, I used to watch The Flying Nun when I was wee lad! But, of course, she will always be Gidget to me and my family. :)