Sunday, October 31, 2010


Ten little witches were stirring up the pot,
One took a taste and cried, “OWW! It’s much too hot!”

The second witch cackled and held up her sturdy broom
The third one giggled, as she flew across the room.

The fourth witch said, “We’ll create a little fear.”
The fifth one laughed, “I’ll make sure the coast is clear.”

The sixth one sneered, bragging, “I can touch the sky!”
The seventh witch said, “I’m ready now to fly.”

The eighth witch grinned in a window she passed by.
While the ninth little witch let out a wicked scream.

Johnny woke up and said, “That must have been a dream.”
But the tenth little witch yelled, “HAPPY HALLOWEEN!”

(Written by Kim Kasch)


Anonymous said...

Applauds wildly!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...


Anonymous said...

There are some grammatical mistakes in your post, but otherwise I found it somewhat useful.
No matter how you slice it, life is full of random shit like this. Better get used to it.
I just read another article about this topic, and yours seems to be a lot more to the point. However, their article appears on #1 spot, and your is on the bottom. Why?
I'm a little bit eccentric, and sometimes my comments get removed. I just want to add some spark.

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