Monday, November 1, 2010

Movie Review Monday - The Social Network

I hated this movie. I know it's a strong word to use and one that Mom said we shouldn't throw around lightly because "Swords might kill the body but words can kill the spirit". So, believe me, when I say I hated The Social Network, it's true.

This was a true downer movie for me. Okay, so it's a story about a lot of super bright young men who ended up becoming Accidental Billionaires but, like another old adage Mom used to use, "Money is the Root of All Evil". At least this movie proved that point and brought it home with the finesse of a sledge hammer.

I walked out of the theater feeling depressed and disappointed with humanity. Not a good way to start a holiday weekend--or, on the other hand, maybe it was the perfect horror movie to see on Halloween.

The only redeeming factor I could glean from this film was the fact that it was brought to the Silver (or maybe that's "the digital") screen. After all, I'm sure Mr. Zuckerberg has the money to have held the film up and maybe to even close it down, if he'd wanted. So perhaps he and Eduardo Saverin have rebuilt bridges. I, for one, certainly hope so. Because like Mom used to say, "Things are just things" and, "in the end, relationships are all that really matter". So, in the spirit of Facebook and my favorite movie (It's a Wonderful Life), I'd like to think that the richest man in the graveyard will be the one who died with the most friends.


David Batista said...

I liked the movie, myself. In fact, I liked it a lot! I typically don't get bummed out by depressing movies unless the subject matter has some remote semblance to my own life. But this one was about as far away from my own personal experiences as you can get, so I viewed it as simply pure entertainment.

Oh, and I'm pretty sure Zuckerberg publicly stated how much he hated the movie and how it took great liberties with what really happened. But then again, he *would* say that, wouldn't he? It doesn't exactly paint him in a flattering light.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Really? HATED it? I haven't seen it, so I have no opinion...

Kim Kasch said...

David: This was far from my life too - but I like to always look for the good in people and this time it was REALLY REALLY hard.

I'd rather have seen a zombie movie or some "fake" horror story.

David Batista said...

Oh, speaking of zombies . . . you didn't catch the premiere of AMC's new show "The Walking Dead" last night by any chance, did you? It's one of the best zombie productions I've seen. Very, very unsettling and extremely gory! :)

Episode 2 is next Sunday.

Kim Kasch said...

David: I will definitely have to watch it next Sunday - that is, if it's not on the same time as The Next Iron Chef - it's that time of year.

Food fests are just around the corner and I'm trying to learn all I can before I host this years holiday feast. :)

Thanks for the zombified tip though 'cuz I'm sure I'll see it soon.

Rena said...

Great post, Kim. I haven't seen the film, so I can't comment on it, but I like your statements, especially that last one about the friends. Money isn't everything. Sure, more of it would be nice, but in the long run, it means very little.