Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Season of Giving is Upon Us

The holidays are always a happy time in our home. The "kids" are home from college and we all gather around to eat some festive foods and celebrate together. But there are a lot of families that won't be having such a wonderful holiday season this year.

Unemployment levels are high this year and many families are struggling just to keep food on the table.

One thing we can all do is think about giving to others this year. And it doesn't have to be money. We can give the gift of volunteering.

Choose your favorite charity and give them a call. You might like to get involved with a local Thanksgiving Day food drive, or deliver food to homebound seniors. You could also donate a couple of hours one day to a Toy-n-Joy drive. There are plenty of ideas to choose from.

If you can't donate time, what about going through your closets and donating old clothing?

You could also donate some canned food to a local homeless shelter or even think about donating some blood to your local blood bank.

If you have some ideas, please include them in the "comments" section. I'd love to see a few more volunteer ideas to choose from.


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

We always ring a bell for a red kettle here, and we have started donating to charities in people's names instead of giving them presents--espeically to Heifer International and Samaritan's Purse.

Kim Kasch said...

GG: That is so cool. I knew there was a reason, or two, that I liked you :)

C.R. Evers said...

great post and a great reminder of what the Holidays are really about!

Anonymous said...

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