Thursday, November 18, 2010

Embellishing for the Holidays-On a Budget

Who doesn't love a little glitz and glam at the holidays? The only problem is: I don't want to pay for it. But that doesn't mean I can't decorate my home with all the fancy frills and thrills I want. I just add my own dazzle to my duds simply by sewing or hot gluing some left over ribbon, glitter or beads to things.

I can't afford to run out and buy new furniture or expensive accessories so, when the holidays roll around, I buy a few new towels, bath mats, etc. to help liven up the homefront. But instead of blowing the budget on a few decorator items, I buy the simple, less expensive brands then I bring them home and embellish them with my own baubles and beads.

Take a peek at these towels to see how you can do it too.

First I measure out some ribbon:

Then I sew it where I want it.

And Wah-Lah! Decorator accessories at bargain prices.
You can use your imagination and be as bold or simple as you want. Add your own touches to reflect your own personality.

This is a simple way to stretch your decorating budget and go beyond beautiful without breaking the bank.

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Jo said...

Thanks for stopping by ~ it's always fun to meet new people.

This is such a great idea! I'm going to *borrow* your idea and add a few festive touches to our new towels.


Cristie said...

Great idea, simple and sweet! Thanks for sharing!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Amazing what that little strip of ribbon can do!

Kim said...

That is very smart, there are frequently towel deals year-round, so you could "stock up".

Al McLeary said...

Glitz on a budget - love it