Friday, October 1, 2010

10.01.10 The SCARIEST Story of All

It looks like some sort of computer code...doesn't it? It must mean something...right?

Maybe it means something big is going to happen today or something bigger will happen on 10.10.10 - that's only 9 days away. Maybe we should all prepare for it, like we did at the new Millennium: buy some flashlights, batteries and extra water. My tip would be BUY CHOCOLATE. It's the single most important thing we might want to stock up on.


Well, I guess we could get worked up about all sorts of things on a day with such numerological significance as today but there's something bigger and scarier coming our way than a strange number: It's the death of chocolate.

THE DEATH OF CHOCOLATE... You might say, don't you mean Death By Chocolate?

But No. You heard me right the first time.

Scientists are racing to find a cure before it's too late and we lose chocolate to a disease. In West Africa, 70 percent of the crop of cocoa is produced and these cacao trees have no resistance to diseases that could destroy the crop.

That's why scientists are racing to find the sequence to path the genome for chocolate. You see there are two virulent pathogens that could wipe cocoa off the face of the earth, one is witch's broom and the other is frosty pod.

I read that the Mars Company in partnership with IBM are working to path the genome for the cacao tree. And, I for one, sure hope they are able to save chocolate.

If you don't believe me and think I'm merely trying to start October off with a scary story so I can simply jump start the Halloween horrors, check out this September 15, 2010 article from the Washington Post.

What would we do at that certain time of month, if there was no chocolate...? It really does sound like the beginning of a horror novel to me.

What say you?


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I could POSSIBLY live without chocolate. Coffee, now that would be another story entirely.

Jean said...


I don't drink sugar or caffiene. I don't eat fat. I prefer all of those naughty things wrapped exquisetly in chocolate.