Saturday, October 9, 2010

Weight Watchers

So I just joined Weight Watchers because it's something I need to do. I need to be watching mine.

There's only one problem: I love to bake, cook and eat. In fact my cake decorating class was scheduled to start on Wednesday night. It was going to be my third level of Fondant and Gum Paste Cake Decorating. It's hard to be around yummy food and not eat it--at least for me. So it's a GOOD thing the class was canceled, at least for now.

I wanted to do this because I want--no--I need to hold myself accountable and this group should help me.

That's why I signed up and started tracking what I eat--online. Weight Watchers is all about eating healthy and getting more exercise. Common sense, I know-but it's not so easy. Still, I'm hoping I'll make some good progress and learn a few things along the way. I'll keep you all posted and let you know how I'm doing. And, it can't hurt that I'm training for a half-marathon in June. :)


Kelly Polark said...

Good for you, Kim! I know lots of people who have done well with Weight Watchers.
My sister has an application on her iphone that keeps track of calories (I think it's different than WW though, that's points, right?).
I love to eat too. One day I will learn to eat in moderation!! I exercise just so I can eat more! But I really need to be more careful about what I eat and how much of it.
Good luck!

Des said...

I lost 40 lbs with Weight Watchers 9 years ago. Although I've gained 10 lbs back over the years, I still wear the same size! I loved the program because it wasn't a "quick" fix. It taught me how to eat normally in a way that lasts a life time.

Good for you! I wish you every success.

Jen on the Edge said...

I'm a big fan of WW's online program, which I use to help me stay focused and on track.

Kimbra Kasch said...

I'm hoping if I can lose some weight I might be able to actually run the half-marathon in June rather than wog it.

Keep your fingers X'd for me that I stay focused and on "track"ing.

Rena Jones said...

Good luck, Kim! A friend of mine lost about 50 pounds doing WW. Rick and I just started a different program on the 1st and it seems to be working for us. It's a low carb one. Good luck, again!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Good luck! I know all kinds of people who've done well with WW.