Thursday, February 25, 2010

Creative Liar-I mean Writer

Rena gave me this award so here are the rules:

1. Thank the person who gave you the award and link them: THANKS RENA and Kristi
2. Add the award to your blog.
3. Tell six outrageous lies about yourself and one truth.
4. Nominate six creative liars ... I mean, writers and link them.
5. Let your nominees know they've been nominated.

This will be fun - see if you can guess which one is true 'cuz six are lies:

1. I sang in a girl band back in the 80's.
2. I competed at downhill skiing in high school.
3. I was engaged to another man before I married my husband.
4. I was voted Best Actress in my high school for Senior Year.
5. I won a dance competition in school.
6. I met my husband on a vacation in Europe.
7. I LOVE liver and onions.

So, now it's your turn to take a guess -- which is the one truth? And here are the six creative liar/writers I'm nominating ...

1. Ellen Oh 'cuz she's my cybersister
2. Danette Haworth 'cuz she knows how to make up some stories
3. MG Higgins
4. Lily Robinson
5. Jen on the Edge
6. Dr. Grumpy 'cuz sometimes I think he's making things up.


Christina Farley said...

Wow! I just learned some pretty interesting things about you! Fun.

Jen on the Edge said...

Thank you for the award!

I think #3 is the lie.

Bish Denham said...

I'm going to guess #2 because you do out-doorsy things.

Danette Haworth said...

#3 true! Thanks for the award!

Kelly said...

Hmmmmm, my guess is that you were a skiier, because you are a very active person!
These are fun!!!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I think #1 is the lie--and congrats on your award!

Grumpy, M.D. said...

Thank you! Wow!

I really don't make this stuff up, though. And I doubt it's that much different from a lot of other practices. I just publicize it.

MG Higgins said...

Thanks, Kim! I'm honored. At first I thought #7 but I'm gonna go with #6.

caplanepourmoi said...

i'm almost certain #7 is the truth.

StableGranny said...

I'm going to say number 7 because who would think of liver and onions when you're thinking of lies??

Lily Robinson said...

That was fun! Sure wish I hadn't read the answers first...

Thanks for the award! I'll try to find time to pass this one on. The list will be practice! I need it;)

Ello said...

Oh my gosh this is so funny!!!! I'm flattered because of the creative part. And cause we is cyber soul sisters!