Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thought for Thursday

Thought: In Venice, what color are all gondolas (except for those transporting officials)?

Take a guess then come back around 3:00 to find the answer.


Rena Jones said...

Oh, I actually know this one, which is funny because I never know the answers to your Thoughts for Thursdays. They're black and I believe there's even a law requiring them to be so.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

black, right?

Jo said...

I bet black. So European!

Write2ignite said...

I'm guessing black. I guessed that BEFORE I saw Rena's answer! ;)


p.s. are we right? huh? huh? ;)

Adrienne said...

I feel silly not knowing this...I would have guessed brown, and I've seen plenty of pictures of them!

Bish Denham said...

Not knowing, since I've never been to Venice, I would have guessed something like green or blue, to match the sky and water. But then I'm not Italian, I'm West Indian and I think in bright colors.