Friday, October 23, 2009

Earth-Friendly Friday - BACK TO THE FUTURE

Sometimes I wish we could go back in time - and not just when I look in the mirror and try to figure out what wrinkle cream might actually work.

I get that longing for days gone by when I think back to the way Mom and Dad raised their house full of kids, the one I grew up in.

Dad worked in a paper mill, as a laborer, so they never had a lot of money - especially not since they took those words to heart to "go forth and multiply". Some times I wish they would have thought it meant to go sit in a corner and work out a few math problems instead of having nine kids.

But Mom taught me more than I could learn on my own about conserving, consolidating and re-crafting.

I still try to be green - especially at Halloween. And, we can all share a few simple ideas.

Instead of spending lots of money on commercial treats, why not have a homemade Halloween? Plan a party for the kids in your neighborhood. You can invite the kids to come over and bob for apples, make caramel apples and popcorn balls. Let the kids come in costume. It will be a fun-filled day the kids will remember for years.

We had these parties in our house, back when the kids were young.

We would buy pinatas and let the kids pound them to smithereens!

Let me know if you have a Homemade Halloween party. I'd love to hear all about it.

Hope you'll all have a Happy and green Halloween.


Bish Denham said...

I had the monopoly on baby-sitting in my neighborhood. For several years in a row, I invited all parents of the kids I baby-sat to drop off their kids at my house in costume. My sister and I would put make-up on them. Then I took them all out trick-or-treating, in mass. Afterwards the party continued at my house until the parents came to pick them up. Everything was pretty much done by 8 PM. The parents and the kids loved it.

Jen on the Edge said...

No party for us because we always are partied out by Halloween -- both of our girls' birthdays are in September, so that means two parties. Then we have an Oktoberfest a few weeks later.

Jean said...

What! A Halloween without every chocolate bar known to the free world? Revolutionary, dea Kim.


Brenda said...

I've had a "Fall Party" for the kids at the complex (we aren't allowed to use the term Halloween, Christmas, etc.)...

I didn't want to do the bob for apples in water because the mess it would cause, so I threaded yarn through the middle of the apples and hung them from the ceiling at different heights...the kids had to try and 'bob' or bite into the apples with their mouth (hands behind their back) was so much fun watching them....they thought it was going to be so easy, but the apples kept rolling around their head...grin...

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Ours is a hybrid Halloween/birthday on Sunday! I'll post all about it next week:)

Kelly Polark said...

My kids will trick or treat and afterwards we have lots of family come over for a pot luck!

Rena Jones said...

One year we were going to take the boys trick-or-treating and then come home to a little party their older sisters were planning for them. It was super simple with games and treats they made themselves. Well, turns out this was during an El Nino year and it poured on Halloween. The boys lucked out with their sister's little party and it was probably one of the best ones they've had.

Yesterday Nathan was reading a story he is writing and one of the dialogues went, "Bob, is your face still sore from bobbling for pineapples?" He's such a clown.

San Diego Momma/Two Funny Brains said...

My best memories are of childhood Halloween parties.

I remember one in particular where my mom dressed as a witch and made a bowl of "eyes" (peeled grapes) and "guts" (spaghetti). We had a homemade haunted house and apple bobbing and it was the stuff being a kid is made of.

Love the idea of a back to basics Halloween party.