Saturday, October 17, 2009

EYE See You

Eye think this pumpkin is my favorite. Kind of a cross between Monsters Meet Aliens, um, or pumpkins.

Shauna Puckett is an amazing artist - and I'll have a few more of these pics to post - 'cuz I'm going to be getting a few of these punkins from her for my front porch.

Gotta love 'em!


Jen on the Edge said...

That is just so cute!

Clementine said...

Oh I love that! Do you mind if Caroline and I do that too? I saw in Victorian Trading Co. where someone used the pumpkin's stem as the nose and then drew eyes above it. It looked awesome! It makes the pumpkin look grouchy, lol!

Kimbra Kasch said...

Amy: You and Caroline go ahead. I hope you'll post some of your artistic products so I can take a peek.

Rena Jones said...