Friday, January 6, 2012

POP - or Progress on the Project

I was hoping to have the project done for the holidays but nope it's not. Of course I knew I was having unrealistic expectations but that's me. I'm always thinking we can get all sorts of things done in a day when it isn't really humanly possible. If only I wasn't human ;)

Anyway here are a few photos of the progress we've been making (now remember, we've had a lot of holidays, family and friends to work into the equation) plus, we've been battling colds this season so...there are my excuses for not making more headway.

Anyway, we did get one new window in - we still have the French doors, and another two windows to get hung.

And, we've put up new supports all around the room. I guess the old ones that have been in the house since 1890 or 122 years just weren't good enough, or that's what I keep asking my husband. "Are you sure we need to add more support?" His answer is always, "Yes." And, how can I argue that more might not be (like Martha would say) a good thing?

Anyway, I know it doesn't look like much progress but you have to remember this is a DIY project that we work into the weekends and evenings after work - so slow and steady is the theme. Now, I'm readjusting my time frame to completion. I'm hoping by Easter. . . we'll see.


David Batista said...

Nice work! Don't be so hard on yourself, I think you guys are making great progress. I can definitely see this being done before Easter, actually. Good luck!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Well, that IS the nature of home improvement drag on and on...