Thursday, January 19, 2012

Late . . .

I didn't finish a couple projects in time for regular holiday gift giving but I finally finished them.

This first one is a short scarf I made for my daughter. It only took one skein of yarn. Then I bought a cute wooden button so she could clip it around her neck to keep out the cold breeze.

Then I made another scarf for someone special. I'm hoping to get it to her tomorrow night.

I'm thinking better late than never. Or. . . better warm than freezing :)

How 'bout you - any projects you're still working on...?


Jen on the Edge said...


I just finished a couple of small knitting projects. Next up: An quick 'n' easy scarf, plus some small sewing projects.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

You got those done just in time for your snowfall! Cute scarves!

Christina Farley said...

Those are so lovely. You are so talented. Man. I used to crochet but I haven't done anything in forever. Too busy writing I guess. And keeping my boys out of trouble. And those naughty kitties of mine.

Kimbra Kasch said...

Thanks gals - it's just that I grew up poor and always want to use every bit, piece, and scrap of everything. Leftover yarn...? I'll think of something to do with it ;)

And Christina I so know what you're saying - I didn't do much of anything while my kids were growing up - I was spending all my time at their soccer, basketball, track, choir recitals and plays :) Now, it's my turn.

Rena Jones said...

Those are awesome, Kim!