Monday, April 18, 2011

Flowers and Furniture

I love flowers and this weekend was the first non-rainy weekend in a long time. So, I went out in the garden and picked a bunch of flowers that were falling over to make a bouquet for the house. This bouquet has tulips, bleeding hearts, daffodils, bluebells and leaves. Isn't it pretty?

And, I just got my new chair... I tend to pick floral patterns but this time I tried to be Really different - I went with leaves.

So, I'm not very original :( oh well, I think it's pretty.


David Batista said...

Guess I must finally resign myself to the fact that winter is over and spring is here. *sigh*

The flowers do look lovely though, Kim. You an dyour green thumb! :)

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

You got all that out of your garden!? So lovely!

Rena said...

Beautiful flowers, Kim! And, I love the leaves on the chair, too.

Kim Kasch said...

GG: Yeah I have so many flowers around the yard it's crazy...but I still want more.

David: I love spring just wish ours would warm up.

Rena: Thanks. The chair is huge - just the right size for me ;)