Sunday, March 21, 2010

Springbreak, Monsters and Paris

Spring break!!! Yipee! So what did we do?

We drove up to Seattle to take Luke to SEATAC so he could hop on a flight to Paris. How is it that kids end up in Paris and parents end up driving 6 six hours to make sure everything goes okay?

Well me and my husband decided to make the best of the trip. In Tacoma we stopped at the Museum of Glass. One of the coolest things was the Kids Art Gallery. Kids under the age of 13 draw the art and then glass artists bring the art to life by creating the masterpieces. One of my favorites was this little monster:

Plus we watched the glass blowing and art making all in progress. It was a lot of fun.


Rena said...

Oh, love the little monster! The Kids Art Gallery sounds like a lot of fun!

Lily Robinson said...

I'm sure the glass blowing is much better than Paris!

Kelly said...

How fun for your son!
And the glass museum does sound pretty cool!

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